Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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Aircraft pressure transducer data sheet – Kulite Semiconductor Products

Find more suppliers in Secunderabad Transducers in Secunderabad. Each pressure sensor is a Wheatstone bridge consisting of four piezoresistors secured to a semiconductor substrate. Pressure transducer structures suitable for curved surfaces.

The cylindrical shell 25 surrounds and protects the leads 5354 and terminal board Did you apply the tinfoil with the shiny side IN?

Contact terminals 5253 and 54 are each positioned within an aperture as for example apertures 60 Fluid pressure sensor having a pressure port. The transducer of claim 3, wherein said first Wheatstone bridge configuration includes first and second circuit portions, and each of said first and second circuit portions respectively includes two of said plurality ttransducer piezoresistors being coupled in series.

Kulite ETL GTS Pressure Transducer – Horizon, Secunderabad | ID:

A dielectrically isolated single chip pressure sensor adapted to substantially simultaneously measure a first absolute pressure and a differential between said first pressure and a second absolute pressure comprising: Either configuration can be employed. However, it is preferred to utilize separate dies for the differential and absolute structures. Call Send a quick message. A differential pressure port is located on a side surface of the pressure header assembly and is directed to a bore in the pressure header assembly.

In addition from working from a minimal configuration and working up the chain you could perform tests on each of your devices individually to narrow down which one is the source of the unwanted noise.

The entire structure is extremely compact and extremely rugged and can be mounted within an engine in various positions due to the simple mounting techniques and the structure of the header in general. Method and apparatus for the determination of absolute pressure and differential pressure therefrom. The microprocessor also receives an output from another analog to digital converter indicative of pressude temperature of the bridge as monitored by a span resistor coupled to the bridge. In the above-noted U.

In any event, a transfucer isolated semiconductor sensor piezo resistor is an attractive configuration in regard to many such uses. Message 7 of The apparatus of claim 18, further comprising a connection layer interposed between said wafer and said flatpack, said connection layer including a conductive layer sandwiched between two other layers, wherein at least one of said other layers includes a plurality of apertures adapted to enable said conductive layer to be electrically coupled to said first and second circuits.


A optical sensor assembly is disclosed that includes a sensor diaphragm configured to deflect responsive to an applied stimulus.

Certain implementations of the disclosed technology may include systems, methods, and apparatus for a sealed transducer with an adjustment port. In order to facilitate such measurements, it would be desirable to reduce the number of pressure transducer assemblies required to determine such operation.

Aircraft pressure transducer data sheet

Thus the above-noted header 10 as described mainly contains a differential and a reference pressure port and contains an opening 41 to accommodate a dual die header Therefore, in accordance with the presskre description, there is described a compact pressure transducer assembly which includes an active and differential sensor which are all contained in one header and which enables one to measure pressures kuliet harsh environments, such as the fuel and oil pressure of an engine.

High temperature transducer using SOI, silicon carbide or gallium nitride electronics. Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. The frit is used to fill the holes in the cover wafer and the leadless pressure capsule is bonded to a specifically designed header at a high temperature using a conductive glass frit. It should be remembered that each active area 30, 30′ had formed therein an open full bridge 20, 20′ with six contact areas11′ ‘.

In one example implementation, the adjustment network can include one or more components configured to couple with internal circuitry of the transducer to alter a response of the transducer. Do you have access to an oscilloscope? Differential pressure transducer with inspectable welds. It is therefore an object of the present invention to produce a relatively small and economical dielectrically isolated single chip leadless sensor which is capable of simultaneously measuring absolute and differential pressure.

We’re in a metal hangar at a small kulige — it can’t be the best power source here. The lock nut 32 may be threaded or otherwise, but in any event it is turned until very little additional force can be applied.

Message 3 of The reference numeral 38 refers to the bore 38 of FIG. Within each contact area11” is a corresponding small metallized area 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 1′, 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′. The method includes detecting a measurement signal and a julite common-mode signal responsive to receiving altered interrogation light from the first EFPI sensor, the measurement signal corresponding to the measurement stimulus. Lastly, when connecting your signal differentially, did you connect pulldown resistors from both of your input lines to ground?


Before proceeding with further explanation, reference is made to the above noted U. The lock nut 32 has a central aperture which again accommodates the tube We export Aerospace Fasteners all over the world. The assembly of claim 15, wherein a first set of said first plurality of piezoresistors is electrically coupled to a first set of said second plurality of piezoresistors to cooperatively provide said first output. Is there any heavy machinery or electric loads fans, motors, etc in the nearby vicinity?

In accordance with an example implementation of the disclosed technology, a method is provided for receiving, by a Fabry-Perot Interferometer FPI sensor, first interrogation light having a first wavelength and second interrogation light having a second wavelength. In order to match with the exact needs of our valuable clients, these products are available in different specifications.

Pressure sensor having a front seal. It’s best to probe starting out with a mininmal configuration, working from the load kulire back up the chain, with and kulitr any DAQ hardware connected.

Contacts to the piezoresistors are made through metal contact areas as 97 which are connected to contact pins as 93 through a metal to glass frit conductive substance The same pressure which is the P R is applied to one side of both sensors and a second pressure, which is the differential pressure, is applied via the tube 31 to the differential sensor to cause that sensor to produce an output indicative of the difference between pressures.

The chip 91 is inorganically bonded to a special cover wafer with the holes strategically drilled in the cover. Fluorescent lighting is notorious for introducing a lot of 60 Hz noise into measurements. Fransducer back surface has an aperture for accommodating a separate dual die pressure header. Most conductive liquids and gases Excitation: Moreover, most prior art semiconductor sensors employ p-n junctions to insure isolation of the piezoresistive network from the bulk semiconductor, which is not suitable for use in high temperatures.