Kyosho, the world’s finest radio-control models. Pilot your own helicopter. Race a Formula 1 champion. Streak across the waves in a powerful deep vee. With. Kyosho Corporation is a model car company based in Tokyo, Japan. The brand operates internationally under the name KYOSHO. The company’s main office is . View and download Kyosho Catalogue pdf on DocDroid.

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The brochure of Nitro RC Cars accessoires in This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat For racing vehicles, the brand tends to adhere to whichever scale is preferred for competition, such as 1: This monster truck is solid as a tank. Stretch for easy application and beautiful body finish. Many parts from the suspension are in aluminium, the car has oil shocks and a clutch brake.

This car is one of the oldest of katxlog Picco models manufactured circa The most significant upgrade on the Mad Crusher is the suspension.

Turbo scorpion roll cage added with light buckets.

Menus & Links – RC Catalog – KYOSHO RC

Great prices on popular products Compare at price is the price for the same product offered in the online market. However, the company has already gotten rid of most of the old frame casts, making prospects of renewed production costly and difficult. The 2WD racing buggy created following the Tomahawk.

Since rival company Tamiya renewed the production of popular classic models such as the “Frog,” “Grasshopper,” “Hornet,” and “Hotshot,” many fans hope for Kyosho to do the same with its own classics.


No electronics or tires. Also added Tomahawk mini bumper and Turbo Scorpion wing mount. There may have been more. Runs great, in excellent condition. Can you change the tires and wheels on Kyosho vehicles?

Both parts are found incidental with the Kyosho Sonic Sports. Herewith you kypsho many pictures of Races in the Netherlands from the s. Engine was shot so i put this pull karalog on it. A new record was established in with a speed of Semi Pre-assembled kit gear box is pre-assembled. This truck includes the well-known Kyosho solid axles introduced more than 15 years kqtalog. No receiver or transmitter.

Even though hobbyists do not all agree on the number 50 ormost kataoog Tamiya first RC kits to be highly desirables in any collection. This unique front suspension was rather difficult to set up, and had a short arm, which prevented it from taking powerful strokes. Novak brushless, 3-cell lipo, Spectrum Radio.

This electrical version was also available as 4WD Jeep Indiana.

The Kyosho Corporation is a Japanese company that makes many katslog types of model cars. Kyosho mini infernoBrushless- 3 Cell. The car won 1st place in the 2nd electric off-road 2WD world tournament held in England in Some of these vehicles are modeled after real-life counterparts but many others are simply inspired or entirely original. First produced in and made from aluminum with hard plastic wheel arms.

Uses a double wishbone for front suspension, and a semi-streaming arm for rear suspension. You are buying what see you get what is pictured nothing morethis was never run. The bodies were vacuum molded, a totally new innovation in RC cars at the time. From the kit, making assembly easier and the finished chassis lighter and more rigid.


Kyosho Optima 4wd buggy vintage. The front axle was driven by a belt.

The Wildcat features a double wishbone suspention system with oil-filled shocks. Both, the nitro and electrical models, are chain driven 4WD. What you see in the photos is what you will be receiving so please review the photos carefully. The body is mounted to a display-only chassis and includes the correct wheels, display tires and the front body mount needed to attach it to a Kyosho Mini-Z chassis. Ferrari Testarossa Red 1: Its main rivals were Tamiya’s Rough Rider and ayk ‘s B.

Kyosho Stinger Mk 2 with original box, instructions and decals.

In addition to a ball differential and full ball bearings, this version is also equipped with a gyro unit. A rheostat brake worked in conjunction with a somewhat simple speed controller.

Kyosho Catalogue 2016-2017.pdf

The company also sells many buggies and monster trucks at 1: I am not the original owner, and no history with it. This does not come with the engines. Kyosho, since they have a license to ,yosho models of the Mini Cooper S Monte Carlo Rally The engine compartment looks good and given that this model has been around for nearly 30 years, it is very nice indeed. Will be sold as is.