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The prose is spectacular and you can just fall right into the story.

Greg Johnson, “La sombra sobre Innsmouth de H. P. Lovecraft” | Counter-Currents Publishing

En Innsmouth, Los Profundos utilizaron seres conocidos como shoggoths para que peleen por ellos. The people of Innsmouth are variously described as fishlike, froglike, and apelike.

It didn’t add anything to it, instead it created a droll experience that turned a very interesting back story into tedium.

El resto del pueblo de Innsmouth se encontraba entre los o I do wish he could have known how influential his work would eventually go on to be in the horror genre. After months of hearing nothing from my old friend, I decided to take the train to Providence and see if this Lovecraft fellow had seen or heard anything.

Not particularly scary, and several story moments were clunky. The gears turning in innsmuth mans’ mind were one finely crafted machine for scaring the crap out of his readers. From what I’ve read so far of Lovecraft’s work, he couldn’t do dialogue even when it was written in proper English and not the backward idiot dialect we have here.

The people of Innsmouth are variously described lla fishlike, froglike, an I mostly read this because it was one of the foundational influences for Ruthanna Emrys’ Winter Tide. Interestingly, The Shadow Over Innsmouth is one of the few Lovecraft stories which can be insmouth to contain an actual plot, and I believe the only one which contains what can be described as an action sequence. Around the Year i Inndmouth only person I know who could even begin to fathom what I have seen, what I have experienced.


Saturnine added it Aug 21, The narrator also does not let the reader figure out what he feels for himself – the story is ripe with description which features every aspect of his unimaginable fear.

El color surgido del espacio / Dagon / La sombra sobre Innsmouth

He finds an unsettling place with strange people and gets the full story of the place from an old man there, but soon finds himself running for his life from the strange people of Innsmouth. Todo el pueblo estaba invadido por un enfermante hedor a pescado.

Classic Lovecraft horror, perhaps the classic Lovecraft horror. Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 5 Contents: In the isolated town of Insmouth the people are degenerating into a sub-species of man.

See 1 question about La Sombra Sobre Innsmouth…. There was nothing for it. They were alive with a innsmoutu horde of shapes swimming inward toward the town; and even at my vast distance and in my single moment of perception I could tell that the bobbing heads and flailing arms were alien and aberrant in a way scarcely to be expressed or consciously formulated.

I decided that a walk down to the shoreline was probably my only hope of relaxation.

El color surgido del espacio / Dagon / La sombra sobre Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft

Maybe he is just not where he is supposed to be. He seems like a distasteful enough character that I haven’t been rushing to read his stuff. BRHH added it Sohre 07, It’s eerie and thought-provoking like many of his other stories, but has a tendency to drag from time to time. His eyes seemed larger suddenly, black as if the pupils had encroached outside of their normal sphere.

The narrator’s character makes Innsmouth very enjoyable. As I began reading, the first things I noticed was how wonderful the writing in the book is. View all 3 comments.


I considered the set of his face as best I could. With that I felt like I had become Robert Olmstead. Once more, as in The Case of Charles Dexter Ward or The Colour Out of Spacethe protagonist investigates the strange events that have been taking place in a deserted town, seemingly afflicted with a curse.

At times I fancied that every contour of these blasphemous fish-frogs was overflowing with the ultimate quintessence of unknown and inhuman evil. He visits a town that is shunned full of weird people etc etc The imagination is there and the Lovecraftianess is there but this was really pitiful. This was to be my realm, too – I could not escape it.

However, the racism issues aside, The Shadow Over Innsmouth is still able to capture its readers by the creation of this ominous seaside town written in a realistic, fine manner and with great detailsthe well described gloomy atmosphere and the overpowering sense of dread, which haunts the entire story. He walked around the counter, picked up my valise, and started up the stairs. Yes, and of course innsmout is one of the Cthulhu mythos, though not one of the more recognizable entries in this canon.

La Sombra Sobre Innsmouth

Solo Raquel rated it it was amazing Jan 09, I mostly read this because it was one of the foundational influences for Ruthanna Emrys’ Winter Tide. However, The Shadow Over Innsmouth shows a couple of distinctive features. One is the use of direct accounts by some of the villagers the protagonist interviews during his investigation: The tension in this horror novella builds up slowly but surely, and makes for an entertaining read.