Enemies of Mimetic Essence: Lacoue-Labarthe As we can see, Derrida clearly regards mimesis as representation, although mimetic representation has no. Deleuze and Lacoue-Labarthe on the Reversal of Platonism: The Mimetic Abyss. David Lane. Among Friedrich Nietzsche’s many daring philosophical declara-. Renaissance world, as Lacoue-Labarthe suggests) and has nothing to do with the role of mimesis in musical expression. It concerns, rather, a question of.

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In this respect, Girard’s modern mimetic version is also primitive. He does lacoue-labathe care much about the degree of copying or innovation, so long as it reveals something which is true, realistic and commonsensical.

As we have seen, Girard has made mimesis an essence in his thought. But here there seems to be a certain ideological difference: There is also something supplemental about imitation, as it is different from the thing that is imitated. The result of this desire for the uniqueness of mimesis is that it becomes indefinable.

Plato Pursued

Derrida would probably hold that mimesis could exist without desire. Mimetic essence must therefore mean something floating and undefinable.

lacoue-pabarthe Together with the introduction, these essays are essential reading for anyone interested in Heidegger, postmodernism, and the history of mimesis in philosophy and literature.

According to Girard, Western thought has tried to efface the trace of the founding violence. Girard venerates the great authors who revealed the mimetic principle. Representational mimesis is secondary, dependent on the formative effects of mimetic desire. This volume of six essays deals with the relation between philosophy and aesthetics, particularly the role of mimesis in a metaphysics of representation, and is introduced by Jacques Derrida.


Representation is something that comes much later in human history. Girard belongs to the thinkers who believe that there are qualitative truths to be found, and it does not matter if these are found through dismissing or neglecting the boundaries between philosophy, anthropology, literature and theology.

Sign in Create an account. They were then killed in order to purify the city. On the other hand, putting an extreme emphasis on mimesis, also means that everything as related to human culture depends upon various forms of imitation. Anybody interested in the problem of mimesis whether from a psychoanalytic, platonic, or lacoue-labarthr other philosophical angle cannot avoid an encounter with this book.

Typography — Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Christopher Fynsk | Harvard University Press

As mimsis can see, Derrida clearly regards mimesis as representation, although mimetic representation has no definitive essence attached to it. According to Lacoue-Labarthe, Girard objects to the view that mimesis contains representation and can be controlled by a process of representation — or re presentation. Like Girard, Derrida is also sceptical about the notion of the autonomous original, the idea of the original as something not imitated.

Scholarly work on mimesis means mostly seeing mimesis as something representational. Comment [] “Typography is a book whose importance has not diminished since its first publication in French in Thus the scapegoat becomes a decisive factor in human development.


Thus the emphasis lies on the model. As we have seen, Girard operates with a concept of doubling, one which takes place only in the later phases of mimetic desire. In this respect there is a scapegoating of the new, the different, which, through mimetic shifts, changes and acquires new forms. Google Books no proxy Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy.


Auerbach never analyses the concept mimesis.

Representation and the Loss of the Subject. Desistance by Jacques Derrida. Academic Self-Effacement There is something both profound and slightly comical in the way academics today dismiss their own profession as thinkers. Girard may have betrayed the essence of mimesis by fixing itbut has, nonetheless, been able to make use of it. But this book is much more than a collection of essays: Girard is preoccupied with origins.

Derrida, who perhaps is more conservative especially as a venerator of the classics lacoue-labbarthe is usually presented, is nonetheless eager to discover the radically new, focusing on science as being able to work on themes that are not even interdisciplinary. This does not mean that there is copying without innovation; it means that writing is an mmimesis game, without beginning and without end. The essence in every repetition is, according to Deleuze, non-mediated difference.

Sticking Heidegger with a Stela: There is something both profound and slightly comical in the way academics today dismiss their own profession as thinkers.