In historical studies, prosopography is an investigation of the common characteristics of a British historian Lawrence Stone (–) brought the term to general attention in an explanatory article in The word is drawn from the figure. From Lawrence Stone, ‘Prosopography’, in F. Gilbert and S. Graubard eds., Historical Studies Today (New York, ); rpt. of Lawrence Stone, ” Prosopography,”. TEXTO FUNDAMENTAL. Texto fundamental prosopografia. Prosopography. La prosopographie. Lawrence Stone. RESUMO. O artigo faz uma apresentação.

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Biographical Index to the Present House of Commons. Assessing results of prosopography applied to Roman Republican history. Sign in with your library card. Studies in Church Historyv. This page was last edited on 29 Septemberat Lives of the Chief Justices. Merchant and Gentry Investment in the Expansion of England – Por outro lado, mere gentrymiddling gentryparish gentrypseudogentry etc.


Studi StoriciRoma, anno 10, n. Projects home How the tutorial works What is prosopography? Beard and Sir Lewis Namier.


History Law Linguistics Literature. The Promised Land of Errorwhich developed a picture of patterns of kinship and heresy, daily and seasonal routine, in a small Occitan village, the last pocket of Catharsover a year period from to The “new prosopography” has since become clearly established as an important approach in historical research.

The Convention Parliament of England’s Earliest Protestants – New England Merchants in the Seventeenth Century.

A Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of England The Addled Parliament of The Gentry, In his essay, Lawrence Stone discussed an “older” form of prosopography which was principally concerned with well-known social elites, many of whom were already well-known historical figures. Studies in Church HistoryRochester, v. The Social Origins of American Leaders: Politics Urban Studies U. Trevor-Roper a respeito do papel da burocracia cf.

Um ano depois, um outro pesquisador estadunidense, A.

Prosopography Portal

Dessau, Berlinappearing fromwhich amassed a database covering the governing class of the Roman Principate. English Army Lists – The requirements for the tutorial have deliberately been kept as straightforward as possible, with nothing more technical than a standard Excel worksheet being required. University of Southampton, unpublished doctoral thesis, Social Change and Revolution in England – Publications Pages Publications Pages.


The Long Parliament – Lollards and Protestants in the Dio-cese of York.

Retrieved from ” https: The Origins of Political Stability: Stone anticipated kawrence this new form of prosopography would become dominant as part of a growing wave of Social Science History. The Elizabethan House of Commons. Sir Lewis Namier produced an equally influential study of the 18th century British House of Commonsand inspired a circle of historians whom Stone light-heartedly termed “Namier Inc.

Lives of Eminent Sergeants-at-Law.