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It’s basically just a plate with a bunch of wheels stuck on, and then a few things on top.

Finally, there’s some nice trans-orange accessories present as well: The satellites are based on a 4H antenna and make use of a 1×1 brick with studs on all sides. It doesn’t match up to the build quality of the newer 9683, and it is lacking in pieces and variety to make it worth getting more than one for pieces, but back in the early 90’s it was a joy to behold.

You can find many examples on Brickshelf of what they can be used for. This will hold legi last part of our launch construction. Even now, with the new series coming out, it is still the set of my dream. Great lsgo, as for the bonus points, they were used to get free membership’s to the Lego club, collect enough, mail them away and in a month you get your first issue.

I agree that this set provides almost infinite playability, so I like that you depicted this with of of those pictures. It’s supposed to be a big base, but there’s lefo enclosure at all! The colours of this theme uses go well with each other, and the Blacktrons had another faction from whom they could steal. When I was a kid, I loved this set.


And after only a few minutes it’s easy to see: There’s a fair amount of trans-orange pieces as well, including two rare 10x10x12 corner panels. In my mind, they shot heat rays used to help cut fallen rockets from the ice. The ice station itself is built around the large raised baseplate that comes with this set exclusively.

The sled in this set is built on two large skis with a 4×4 plate. As such, I managed to dig up the front and back of the box, yellowed and dried out pieces of duct tape still attached.

Ice Station Odyssey | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

I never did figure out what’s up with those Points seals though. Before this review, I would easily have given this set an 8 or higher, but I guess the build factors in much more heavily to me now than it did before. Unfortunately, I only own three small sets.

Thanks a lot for make me remember that and, I’m sorry, but that won’t make me take out of its box the only Ice Planet set I own Legi you have read any of my previous reviews, you might have read about my ingenious-but-to-die-hard-collectors-no-doubt-cringe-inducing method of storing boxes: I rate it “Above average”.


Posted December 23, edited. There’s a place to hold the unused sattelite’s in the lower area, so it makes more sense to attach them to the rockets there.

Since lwgo sharing our opinions here, let me break down the things I really dislike about this set:. The diversity also helps in leg scenarios: The Ice Station comes with no less than two rockets with satellites to be launched for the explorers’ research. The big white wheels give the buggy its final look. With this submodel in place, the third and last part of the launch rig on the raised plate is finished.

Instructions For LEGO 6983 Ice Staton Odyssey

Looking back it it now – maybe the base is simplistic and so on, but almost all of my old LEGOs seem that way now compared to, say, Green Grocer. What are those panels even good for?

The newer ones bend too easily, and bricks don’t sit on them well at all. If you’re talking about the box art, I like that grid and it gave a kind of unifying appearance to the entire Lego Space line.