Mensahe ti Umuna a Panguluen, Marso · Agulimekka, Agtalnaka · Thomas S. Monson · Agasam Koma ti Pusok, Kelsey LeDoux. Pilien ti Agbalin a Natalna. Read a free sample or buy Liahona, May by The Church of Jesus Christ Liahona, Mayo · La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días. Pagsunod sa Balaod,” Liahona, Mayo , Dugang nga mga kapanguhaan niini nga hilisgutan: Mga Baruganan sa. Ebanghelyo (), “Misyonaryo nga.

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On the boat again. As for content you provide what the others don’t a personnel touch, a look into the real life of a sailing couple. I did get the Bogs. Now we are making lists, consulting charts and pumping the local fishermen for information. Wise, who played football for the University of Miami, is scheduled to meet with the Graceville Tigers players today and expects to make the official move to Graceville before Spring practices begin. Manning February 13, at Wanted to mention we have been receiving some amazing e-mails lately and say thank you for sharing your stories with us.

Will upload a few to Facebook. A similar 12V vent would be better. We woke up to the house shaking and creaking. Personally I love hear about the kinds of things you guys do on board as well as seeing the sights.

Mike January 05, at I hope this answers Breezy’s question and maybe some of yours as well. With all the traveling Chuck and I have been doing it had been five years 20113 I had last seen them and it was time. I stuck with the Hawaiian music because folks around here seem to like it. It is really nice, Look forward to your posts, Colin and Liz. We are noticing a downward trend on YouTube in regards to views and I am certain it is because the weather is improving everywhere and folks are out mowing their lawns rather than sitting inside at their computers.


Light up a Punch and I’ll buy you a beer when we see you and you can tell us all about it. Milla January 11, at And stick to the plan. Tomorrow I will start the process of emptying out lockers and taking inventory of our food stores. I inch ever closer thanks to you!! This will be the thirteenth annual gathering of the group. I really thought that once I chose a series like cruising Alaska the video’s would just follow randomly.

I took them back to Piston and Rudder and again mauo said “No Problem”. I think the Canadian Immigration Dept. It’s been great following you on all the voyages, and look forward to the next. I have many questions, but first I read and watch more.

Liahona, May by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Apple Books

People often ask us questions about the “Cruising Life”. Thanks for all the positive feedback and encouragement. That is the reason for the visit.

Spring is near and we will be setting off again soon to continue our exploration of SE Alaska. You guys were the first thing I thought of. Your friend Manning, Vega As of Friday Afternoon, the leader is a 35 lb king salmon caught this morning. As a result I have had time to do some writing and work on the website. Winter storm warnings are in effect and we are expecting to see 10 inches of snow in the next few days. Glad all is ok and glad the weather is nice for you.

We are wishing you both the Happiest of Thanksgiving’s. Only a few weeks left until we leave Petersburg to resume our exploration of SE Alaska.

voyaging under sail, Cruising Lealea Archives

A study found asbestos in the older 6, square foot two story portion of the building, as well as in the newer single story portion of the structure, according to Century Mayor Freddie McCall. Petersburg’s North Harbor, where we moored last winter, is no more.


Robin Ann Godwin, 43, was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison along with mental health and substance abuse treatment.

We will make a trip to the market on Saturday to purchase any gaps in our supplies and then we will turn our eyes to the weather. I truly enjoyed the videos from Hawaii to Alaska. Time to make sure all the chickens are present and start cleaning the house in preparation of the owners coming back.

Angela told me she has a shipment coming in in a week or ten days and I could exchange them then. Do you realize how many folks who follow Lealea sit and can only be jealous of just doing and following your dreams, I know I am.

Have really enjoyed a weeks jayo from Vancouver to Whittier. Democrats, meanwhile, credited Scott for the current increase but assailed him for cutting school funding in the first place.

I have not seen that on small boats.

I’ve so enjoyed following everything you two have done, including Chuck’s radio debut. Los interesado pueden contactar a su editora en.

Liahona, May 2013

The warm temperatures we had while staying in the house are gone. We may been asked many times if we have ever had any scary moments and I can honestly say “No, we have not”, however if I saw this on the horizon I would definitely have “a moment”.

They have a wooden house.