1. The Lilliebridge Training Method! “Want to be strong like a Lilliebridge? Then train like a Lilliebridge! The Lilliebridge training method”. _Strong body and Mind_. Posts: 1,; Rep Power: shadowroth will become famous soon enough. (+50). lilliebridge training method. As far as I understand, the Lilliebridge “method” is basically linear periodization, and as such, does not really rule out using RTS-style.

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It is important to note the percentages are based off of your last contest max. The structure is similar for the bench.

This program is said to use something akin to traditional western periodization. Use a 3 board or 2 board or both and hit at least 3 to 4 sets of either doubles or singles. This is where the idea of alternating heavy and light days each week came from.

He is extremely well known for his coaching abilities as well as his lillibridge. The percentages are increased each week as you get closer to the meet, but you just work up to a single top set for max reps. You can pick and choose your days that work best for you, these days are not engraved in stone. Originally Posted by dsoljanin. Originally Posted by Piet. You will not be training each lift heavy each week. What matters is this: Drugs, particularly testosterone, have an amazing impact on neural efficiency.

  ASTM D4263 PDF

Never in the history of powerlifting has there been a more successful group of lifters lilliebricge the Lilliebridge family. Even in the video you see some sleeves are still in their bag.

The Lilliebridge Method

We are a non-profit group that run this website to share lilliebrdge. Sunday we will do all our accessory work that goes with squats and deadlifts.

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: You could certainly apply RTS Tools to just about any method. The Lilliebridges from left to right: Why not autoregulate volume?

We need your help to maintenance this website. Squat, Bench -Deadlift —Total- 4 Ernie Lilliebridge JR Currently nationally ranked 2 in the lbs raw with wraps weight class and also 12th highest ranked raw total in the world with wraps in the weight class with a lbs total.

Went with the stoicgear and so far I have zero complaints. They simply cut out the light parts! For the enhanced lifter, the situation appears to be far different.

The Lilliebridge Training Method

He grew up in the golden age of American powerlifting. People respond differently to different stimulus.


The biggest concern with this type of programming is the risk of detraining in the natural athlete. Now, upon review of this program, I have developed a love, hate relationship with it. Weeks 9 and 10 will be different depending on your goal for the training cycle. Now, I must concede, after briefly talking with Paul Carter about this issue, it does seem to be the way that the most successful Americans trained in the 70s and 80s.

Lift Like a Lilliebridge? Lilliebridge Method Review | PowerliftingToWin

So round down to lbs and do it for max reps on the squat. While this type of programming will probably work well for the enhanced lifter, I suspect that many naturals will find the frequency far too low.

The weights you use are determined by your last meet max. You might want to do some research. Like I said, this is true, blue bodybuilding style assistance work.

Any accessory work is to be performed after your main sets.