Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography [Chester Brown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A limited-edition reprint of Brown’s celebrated. LOUIS RIEL: A Comic-Strip Biography. Chester Brown, Author. Drawn and Quarterly $ (p) ISBN Chester Brown reinvents the comic book medium to create the critically acclaimed historical biography Louis Riel, winning the Harvey Awards for best writing.

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This is historically well-researched and thoughtfully illustrated to draw out all of the complexities of this event’s religious, racial, economic and colonial implications. Nov 13, Kate rated it really liked it.

Originally published in in Danish at Rackham. The notes range from nearly insignificant details to major discrepancies and deliberate distortions. Vortex Comics Drawn and Quarterly. He uses rigid formalism and minimalism each page is a 2 x 3 panel grid with wide margins and gutters; the characters’ faces are often blank and affectless to heighten both the humor and the heartbreak of this desperate, small-scale rebellion.

This page was last edited on 10 Septemberat I knew nothing of Louis Riel, or any Canadian history for that matter, before reading this, drawn to the series only because of my admiration for Chester Brown’s other work. Now days is a national hero for Canada, back then an insane.

Concision et finesse dans le rendu graphique. Best Publication Design [95]. As a result, Louis Riel is a doubly fascinating read: The biogrxphy is a bit dusty for most of the book. Canada Council staff August Really nice to re-learn this chapter of Canadian History, but as a novel, biobraphy didn’t work for me.

I thought it was the perfect fit to represent both the time and the subject matter. One of the prisoners, Thomas Scott, relentlessly quarrels with the guards, showering them with racial epithets.

A Life of Revolution ] and thought, ‘That’s a good dramatic story—it’d make a good strip. Brown does a great job including notes in the back and clarifying exactly what he’s simplified for narrative purposes. It also does it complexly, which is good.


Louis Riel: A Comic-strip Biography

Its success played a major part in gaining shelf space for serious graphic novels in mainstream North American bookstores. In Montreal, the first evidence of his mental illness surfaced, and he was committed to L’Hospice St. Part two encapsulates Riel’s life from to when he moved around the northern U.

Allowing him to “tell the best story and tell the truth”, [9] Brown’s notes were self-reflexive, and drew attention to the artistic choices he made when putting together the book. Unusual for comics of the time, it includes a full scholarly apparatus: Instead the focus is on his “antagonistic relationship with the Canadian government ” [2] from to The serialization sold poorly, but the book version was a surprise bestseller.

In Budra, Paul; Burnham, Clint. A lot of people who study Riel roll their ey I love the tale of Louis Riel. Brown believes that this autobiographical work about his adolescence is his best book. Lawrence Sun, published one of his comic strips. No trivia or quizzes yet. Brown does not paint our country’s historical leaders in particularly flattering light. Jan 13, Norman rated it really liked it Shelves: Riel declares “Rome has fallen!

Over five years in the making, Brown’s work is completely realized here, from the strikingly designed two-color cover to the cream-colored paper and pristinely clear drawings.

Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography

Macdonald —91 was the first Prime Minister of Canadain office —73, and again — Reproduction for personal use is permitted only if this copyright notice is maintained.

In the hopes that he q get money from the Canadian government for his tenure administering the Red River settlement by this time known as Winnipeghe moves his family to Batoche now in Saskatchewan in mid Gonick’s books are treasures, and Comic-etrip would never wish them away, but the field of non-fiction cartooning might be a little more healthy if its pioneer hadn’t set the bar quite so high.


They were defeated, and Riel gave himself up. He will often use this as an opportunity to show how the history he presents is an amalgamation of reports conflated again with fictionalization to help the story spring to life. Sources aren’t cited very well and as this takes place in the world of Canadian espionage and political backhanding, it’s very important to use good sources. His cross-hatching style was reminiscent of the editorial cartoonists of Riel’s time.

This is the first thing I’ve read by Chester Brown, and I was pretty massively impressed.

Grants to Ontario PDF. In this way, he’s a classic Western hero – a strong man made obsolete by capitalist progress.

Brown’s drawing style had always changed from project to project. Brown makes the language barriers that separate the characters visual by having Riel drop the letter “h” in his dialogue e.

Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography by Chester Brown

It’s a heavy narrative and probably-important topic to French Canadians. While researching, Brown came across two books by political scientist Tom Flanagan: Yes, it’s shelved in the history section at the library, and yes it should be. It ultimately seems to be a sad story of a fair and well-liked man who fought for the rights of his people only to be executed for trying.

Brown coolly documents with dramatic subtlety the violent rebellion on the Canadian prairie led by Riel, who some regard a martyr who died in the name of freedom, while others consider him a treacherous murderer. I loved the liveliness of the drawing, and I know very little of this history but felt this did beautifully at illuminating one view into the fascinating character and contradictions of Riel. Photographs of the book’s two adversaries.