The LP is a mA, fixed-output voltage regulator de- signed to provide ultra For output voltages ≤ V, refer to LPLV datasheet. A. LPDBVR Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulators mA Low- Noise % tolerance datasheet, inventory, & pricing. The LP family of fixed-output, low-dropout regulators offers exceptional, products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.

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Any good quality ceramic, tantalum, or film capacitor may be. Stable with low-ESR output capacitor. Bypass capacitor for low noise operation. Light sources such as Halogen. The wavelenghts which have the most detrimental effect are. Shutdown Input Voltage Survival. The LP is a mA, fixed-output voltage regulator. C, so some guard band must be allowed. The actual physical placement of the package marking will vary from. National Semiconductor certifies that the products ddatasheet packing materials meet the provisions of the Customer Products.


Like any low-dropout dtasheet, the LP requires external. There are no requirements for ESR on the input capacitor. Consult factory for custom voltages.

LP has an inherent diode connected between the regu. For 12V option, add 50? The LP is stable with output ca. If this feature is not to be used.

Dattasheet Performance Characteristics Unless otherwise specified: Absolute Maximum Ratings Note 1. High peak current capability.

Curves are provided which show the stable ESR range as a. Output Voltage Survival, Note 4. The output capacitor must meet the requirement for mini. Package Lp2958 and Ordering Information Continued. Ground Pin vs Load Current. F must be observed. See Application Hints for additional information.

If a Tantalum capacitor is used at the input, it. To assure proper operation, the signal source used to drive. Logic high enable input. Because this circuit has only a few microamperes flowing in.

Connecting a 10 nF capacitor to the Bypass pin significantly. Exposing the micro SMD device to direct sunlight will cause. Package marking contains date code and lot traceability. Tantalum capacitors are less desirable than ceramics for use. During normal operation where the. If Z5U or Y5V capacitors are used on the output.


LDO/LP/SOT Library Datasheet

It should also be noted that the ESR of a typical Tantalum will. Input Current datssheet Pin. For details, refer to Application Hints. ESD Rating Note 2. Power Dissipation Note 3. Instantaneous Short Circuit Current.

LP2985 Datasheet

The dimensions for X1, X2 and X3 are as given: One disadvantage of ceramic capacitors is that their capaci. This could cause problems if a 2. lp295

Japan Customer Support Center. Package Marking and Ordering Information. Output Impedance vs Frequency. A quiescent current when shut down.

Texas Instruments – datasheet pdf

Common Ground device substrate. Electrical specifications do not apply when operating the. The LP requires a minimum of 2. Dropout Voltage vs Temperature.