Define Luhya. Luhya synonyms, Luhya pronunciation, Luhya translation, English dictionary definition of Luhya. Noun 1. Luyia – a Bantu language Bantoid. Bukusu- ukusu-English dictionary compiled and edited by: Michael Marlo, The present draft is based on L. L. Appleby’s Luhya-English Vocabulary. indigenous beliefsRELATED ARTICLES: Vol. 1: Kenyans Source for information on Luhya: Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life dictionary.

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Music is mainly of local, Swahili, and Lingala Democratic Republic of the Congo origin, but western European and American music are also common. This is further hampered by the lack of electricity in many of the rural areas.

Modern Language Association http: An extensive spread of Christianity occurred during the colonial period. The preferred tea is made with plenty of milk and luhay.

From my enquiries, the LuhyaKisii and Kamba ethnic dlctionary believe that if you slaughter a frizzled dictiinary for your landlord or lady, they’ll never recall that you have unpaid rent arrears. The chicken gizzard, however, is still for the most part considered men’s food particularly the male head of the householdand in many homes women will not eat it.

Music and dance also take place, mostly at night. For example, veteran politicians Michael Wamalwa Kijana and Musalia Mudavadi rose to become dicyionary presidents of the Kenyan Government though for brief periods of time. Bukusu- ukusu-English dictionary compiled and edited by: Retrieved December 29, from Encyclopedia. For those that can afford it, wheat bread bought from the stores is consumed with tea.

Oxford University Press, Plates and cups are made of either metals, plastic, or china, and are bought from the stores, as are spoons, knives, and forks. Body ornaments like bangles, necklaces, and earrings are commercially mass-produced in the country or imported, and thus are not in any way uniquely Luhya in form. Administratively, luhy occupy mostly Western Province, and the west-central part of Rift Valley Province.


Literacy among women is slightly lower than among men.

Why wrangles are ugly part of ACK’s bishops elections. All religious groups abhor homosexuality and condone its complete suppression.

Dating among the Luhya is informal and is often not publicly displayed, dictionarg among teenagers. Health problems arising from diseases endemic in Luhya areas is also of concern. A preliminary version of the present dictionary was produced in summerwhen Adrian Sifuna re-translated the Appleby wordlist into Bukusu and verified the data in KWL, based on a re-formatted version of the lexicon prepared by Michael Marlo.

Soccer is the most popular game with boys. Radios and cassette players, however, are affordable, and these provide musical entertainment for dictipnary people. Michael Marlo, Indiana University, michaelrmarlo gmail.

Commonly Used Luhya Words and Their Translations – Wisdom Africa

Uncircumcised boys avasinde would not be allowed to marry or join in many other adult activities. Such items are noted with?

It had been reported that Mudavadi told Luhya elders that Raila betrayed them but he denied dlctionary allegations, noting he would never say that.

Expectations are consequently placed on those going to school to finish and assist with the education of their younger siblings, and to care for their parents in old age. The meal regime among the Luhya involves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

100 Commonly Used Luhya Words and Their Translations

Because of dicttionary general poverty in rural areas, people own very few material goods, and items such as transistor radios and bicycles are considered prime possessions. Bride-wealth is still being paid, but amounts differ widely, and payment schedules are not strictly adhered to. The placenta engori and the umbilical cord olulera are buried behind the hut at a secret spot so they will not be found and tampered with by a witch omulogi.

Busia-Luhya Song Dance Traditions.

The entire compilation was then re-checked and edited by Michael Marlo and Aggrey Wasike to eliminate duplicate entries and identify any discrepancies in transcriptions and translations. East Africa through a Th ou-sand Years: Pottery and basket-weaving are quite common among the Luhya, especially in the rural areas. Luhya migration into the Rift Valley is relatively recent, only dating back to the first few years after independence inwhen farms formerly occupied by colonial white settlers dictionarry bought by, or given back to, indigenous Africans.


Translation of Luhya in English

Often the dogs will have their kennels outside of the house, but cats may dlctionary in the house. The living conditions of the Luhya are not much different from those of other communities in Kenya. People rely on public transportation, consisting of buses and vans, but travel on foot and on bicycles is also very common.

For example, women are supposed to do most of the domestic chores such as fetching firewood, cooking, taking care of children, and also farm work. They are well dressed in order to be able to enter international hotels.

As is true in many African societies, having many children is considered a virtue, and childlessness is a great misfortune. Often the family will deny itself many of life’s necessities and comforts, like better housing, food, and clothing, in order to put the children through school. Because very few students are able to get a university education, parents and the community are very proud of those that manage to attain this level of education.

Clay pots are also still used by many families for preparing and storing traditional beer, and also for cooking traditional vegetables. Because of their numeric strength, the Luhya are considered a potent political force and have always been active in political activities in Kenya.