Hi all, This forum is apparently sponsored (at least in part) by lumenlab (see link at bottom). Has anyone here actually built what they are. Hello, For pick up in the Greater Calgary Area (Alberta, Canada) I am selling my completed and functioning Lumenlab DIY projector. I recently discovered this site and after reading a bit I am very interested in building my own projector. If you check.

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Lumenlab DIY Projector – case2 | My friend Matt (mcconnellst… | Flickr

A couple days ago we mentioned that Lumenlab had released their top secret plans for building an LCD based projector. I’m going to bypass a lot of what has been discussed here and ask for basic facts. We didn’t expect dky, but our ballast came with a ceramic Mogul base.

Not only did I misspell did I spell that right? The light source is a Watt Metal Halide bulb.

We should be able to hook up just about any HD gear we want to this display. It’s coated with a dichroic material that reflects visible light, but allows infrared heat to pass through. Disassemble a desktop LCD display, put projectof really, really bright light behind it and projecor some optics and voila! If you choose to sing up for the membership please try and follow the link on my webpage or the one below.

Did it look like a big blue boat propeller he used for a fan in one of those to anyone else? Are trashed LCDs common? A fresnel lens straightens the light before it passes through a consumer LCD panel. Focalcalc runs under windows. Hey thanks for the link Gizzy. Sweet, foreign but a language I speak! Notably, the contrast ratio has been increasing. To produce them we’ll need a ballast.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. YOu could easily find all the parts from other sources, but I found that these prices are very fair.

I still like Hack a Day and never miss a post. BB code is On. How to find the best laptop bag. There are plenty of ways to save money on this project, but we’re feeling sassy. This isn’t one to be missed. Let’s recap all the parts we bought so far: They even improve on the lumen design by reducing space with a mirror; fractionally more difficult, but the box is alot less….

Lumenlab projector build | Hackaday

At the time, commercial projectors were still more expensive than the DIY option, but even now that they are lukenlab low in price, the DIY option is still valid because there is no getting around that fact that the bulb replacement cost of any commercial pj is just crazy. A second fresnel lens directs the light to the final focusing lens. Thank you hack-a-day for keeping this dream alive just alittle while dij.

Just a few examples: Reader [Jan] came across a website all about building your own video projector. Now that you’ve got the general idea of what we’re doing, it’s a good time to start crunching numbers to get a rough idea of what we’re looking at.


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Essentially an LCD and bulb thrown in a box with various other materials, I wondered if this approach really worked. Given the projetor, why build your own?

Well, why should you pay to get plans when you just can get the equivalent, legally, just by surfing on foreign websites.

Is there anywhere to pick up any of these parts in surplus or used? There is a Notify me of new posts via email. So many great ideas are coming out of this project.

Lumenlab DIY Projector – case3

Electronic ballasts are preferred because they’ll protect the bulb better and don’t produce annoying noise. This beauty has a contrast ratio of Placed my order for a W DC bulb.

Alternatively, The DIYaudio forum users have some interesting ideas. See also Leitz among others. The design is really quite simple. There’s also the learning curve to consider. If I am able to do this I can add that build to my website so projecror guys can see the difference in the basic kit and pro kit.

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