Lycon Wax is extremely popular with celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Minnie Driver. Australia’s Lycon Wax contains the finest resins, . Lycon Precision Waxing was founded by Lydia Jordane in Australia, which in this case makes the term ‘down under’ even more funny. Lydia is. 43 results Lycon Precision Waxing Formulated with the finest natural resins, bees wax and sensuous aromatherapy, LYCON delivers superior results.

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As perhaps the best wax available in Ireland, Lycon at Brasilia gets Beaut. Looking forword to your early reply!!!

The photos that were made during the treatment were overexposed, so unfortunately I have no visuals for you. Can you guess what happened next? Grab a drink and wander around in the amazing world of What The Vogue! I might actually give it a try! A friend of mine who has been waxing like forever, warned me that having your genital parts or underarms waxed was the most painful thing EVER.

The waxing treatment that I got done costs 17 euros.

Lycon Waxing at Brazilia: Least Painful Hollywood Wax I’ve Ever Had. No Seriously. EVER.

Buy Electric Shavers July 20, at 2: As always, my waxing experience started out much the same as any – the growing fear that I’m about to have my nether region reefed to within an inch of its life, leaving me with that initial precisin Christmas turkey look, before it goes in the oven.

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A few years ago she was introduced with this high end waxing brand at a beauty fair and she fell completely in love with it.

What Christmas style are you? It uses low energy to achieve super hair removal and it can do skin rejuvenation. Editor’s Pick December Editor’s Letter: It works on hairs as short as 1mm too, but I tend to avoid shaving in between waxes waxingg stubble is not a good look.

She then applied it to my skin, rubbed it around, let it sit there for a little while and then pulled the patch off. Great, so precisoon I was laying with my arms up, thinking that I was about to die. Mary July 9, at Why Christmas isn’t all mistletoe and wine.

Pain Free Hair Removal with Lycon Precision Waxing

She told me that it would be better to not shave for at least 10 days, because that would give the best results. LYCON quality waxes come in many exciting colours and scents, which allow professionals to tailor the best waxing combination for total customer satisfaction.

In my continued attempt to keep my bajingo the way I like it, and with more than a few horror stories behind me, yesterday evening I gave Lycon waxing at Waxiny on South William Street a go.

But more pointedly, the ways in which we maintain our lady bits.

HOME – LYCON Cosmetics Australia

Apologies in advance to my mother, my father, my boyfriend, and, well, anyone who’d rather lyycon read about my Love the product so much. But of course we hadn’t gotten on to the really tough bits yet, you know, the bits that usually hurt so much they send a lump of pain shooting from the pit of your stomach right up to your throat?


At the same time, LYCON low temperature, super pliable and gentle waxes, provide a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra client comfort, even on the most sensitive skins. I shaved my legs and put on a dress.

Lycon Waxing at Brazilia: Least Painful Hollywood Wax I’ve Ever Had. No Seriously. EVER. |

How to detox your hair during the Christmas holiday lull. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Does concealer go over or under your foundation? Formulated with the finest natural resins, bees wax and sensuous aromatherapy, LYCON delivers superior results, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm like no other.

Have you tried it before? Your privacy is important to us. A little mo-hawk strip down the middle, should a mini Boeing decide to make an emergency landing on your crotch? No point enduring all of that pain without going all the way, right?