Scientific name. Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc. Subordinate taxa: Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc. var. benadirianum (Chiov.) Verdc. Macrotyloma. Horse gram seeds (Indian name: Kulthi) Macrotyloma uniflorum, Organic Heirloom Untreated Seeds. For Growing Or Sprouting Horse Gram (Macrotyloma . Biflorus, horse gram, horse grain, kulthi bean, madras bean, madras gram, poor man’s pulse, dolic biflore, grain de cheval, kerdekorn, pferdebohne, pferdekorn.

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Observation specific search options Observed during.

India Biodiversity Portal

Grows vigorously in summer, seeds early and then drops its leaves in autumn to early winter. Leaflet blades about 2.

May take as little as 40 days, but usually — days to reach maturity. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) | Feedipedia

By uniforum this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Diptera, Agromyzidae sometimes attacks young seedlings Subject to attack by a wide range of viruses: Sasidharan,Flora of Karnataka, Sharma B.

Can be used for deferred grazing or as a fodder crop for dry season feed. Stipels about mm long.

Lateral veins about on each side of the midrib. Stigma dish-like, margin hairy. All plant parts clothed in short translucent hairs. However, several factors like the genotype, mavrotyloma, fertilizer application, cultural practices, weather and climatic factors, post-harvest handling and storage can directly or indirectly affect the nutritional quality.


Species specific search options Taxon Hierarchy. Flowers about 6 mm diam. The horse gram is normally used to feed horses, though it is also commonly used in cooking.

Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.)Verdc. | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

If sown as a fast-developing pioneer, it provides useful early feed in a forage system. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. It is commonly used in making pon ye gyia fermented bean paste used in traditional Burmese cuisine. Upper and lower surfaces of the leaflet blades clothed in prostrate hairs. Uses and Management Uses and Management Uses.

Young plants of cv. Initially considered a potential dry season supplement for low quality native pasture. Grown as a grain crop in India; one of the few native Australian species used as a crop. Heteropogon contortusPanicum maximum. Fruits banana-shaped, about x 5 mm, style persistent at the apexouter surface clothed in long soft, translucent hairs.

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research40— African collections originate from areas with annual rainfall from — mm, and Indian collections, —2, mm, and the overall majority from —1, mm, usually with a high summer dominance. Leichhardt inset shows different ecotype. Or, Login with your user account:. Stamens 10, the filaments of nine stamens fused to form a tube open on one side, the filament of one stamen free.


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Short day and day neutral in flowering response. Ahmednagar, Kolhapur, Nasik, Pune Karnataka: Dolichos biflorus Sensu auct. Promising accessions Country Details None reported.

Hooker’s icones plantarum38 Possibility of a toxic factor in untreated seed, broken down by heat. Natural phenols are mostly phenolic acidsnamely, 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic4-hydroxybenzoicvanilliccaffeicp -coumaricunuflorumsyringic and sinapic acids. Tropical Grasslands2716— Pasture Legumes and Grasses in Zambia. A species of possible significance as a grazing crop but regeneration of soft-seeded annual varieties is poor.

Inflorescence a short raceme of two or three flowers, sometimes reduced to a single flower. It includes published material or suggestions from the author or others.