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Franz Bardon

There remains no complete transcript of the works. These exercises are aimed at developing body, soul and spirit. Set in Dresden, Germanyin the early s, the story describes Frabato’s magical battles with the members of a powerful and dangerous black lodge, his escape from Germany during the final days of the Weimar Republicand the beginning of the spiritual mission which was to culminate in his writing a series of classic books on Hermetic magic.

This book, the third in Bardon’s texts of Hermetic magic, is a practical guide to attainment. frabaho

Therefore, anyone not sufficiently prepared for this step is herewith warned in time. Bardon repeatedly emphasizes that the initiate can only develop an understanding of himself and his universe within the scope of their awareness and spiritual maturity. The Physical exercises stress physical health and development as well as the integration and use of the physical body and physical environment. This concept is the basis of much of Bardon’s training, which requires developing deficiencies and coming to a proper tetrapolar balance—only then could the initiate progress spiritually.

Magiat of these worlds forms a matrix for the world below it. Bardon’s training system is comprehensive. Air and earth are both considered pseudo-elements as they arise only out of the interaction of fire and water.

Franz Bardon – Wikipedia

He was born in OpavaAustrian Silesia. Beyond that it offers a glimpse into a complete magical universe. Bardon was rescued by Russian soldiers who raided the camp. Bardon is best known for his three volumes on Hermetic magic. The program further subdivides each step into three areas — mentalastraland physical — with the intent of developing all areas of the self simultaneously and in a balanced way.


The result of the practical exercises frabaho the development of occult abilities which can be of benefit to the student, in as far as changing his existence for the better. Bardon himself says that it is. Respect His Laws and in case of sin repent, ask for forgiveness, and pay for the penance mmagiar karma that God will impose on us Moment, giving us to choose when it offers us the incarnation of our spirit, that is, life.

Included with the names and descriptions of the various entities are a collection of entirely unknown magical sigilsas well as an account of ancient Kabbalistic astrology. Bardon expands on this real possibility with the following advice OpavaAustrian Silesia.

Frabato the Magician is a novelised biography of Franz Bardon written by Bardon’s secretary Otti Votavova, though attributed to Bardon himself.

Maigar page was last edited on 2 Septemberat He was incarnated in his last physical life as a wise man from the mountains named Mahum Tah-Ta. In order to be in harmony with the Universe, we must follow the norms that God imposes on us: But knowledge is not yet ffrabato.

Franz Bardon összes műve

Mental exercises begin with simply observing the mind and progress from there, with each subsequent exercise building on the previous.

It also describes sinister occult forces which lay behind the rise of the Third Reich. Knowledge depends on the development of the intellectual features of the spirit; wisdom, on the other side, necessitates the equable development of all four aspects of the spirit.

Initiation into Hermetics is divided into 10 practical steps. There Votavova indicates that Franz Bardon once told him that he was the incarnation of a fourteen-year-old boy and he was the one who decided to be the spiritual master of Victor Bardon, the boy’s father, who in his desire to become a divine initiate asked in his prayers to know his true Guru, this is how the spirit of Bardon became incarnate in which he would be his only son, through an exchange of spirit unacceptable and impossible both from a spiritual and esoteric point of view.


The Astral exercises focus on systematically cataloging the positive and negative aspects of the self and, later, transforming and purifying the negative aspects into positive. In the Spanish Edition by, [4] there are false information published about Adolf Hitler, who is said to have belonged to Lodge 99 and to the Thule Order of Tibetan black magicians.

Franz Bardon 1 December — 10 July was a Czech occultist and student and teacher of Hermetics. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Humans are considered to be special because they alone are ” tetrapolar “, or inherently containing all four elements, plus the fifth, the Akasha or Divine element.

The three worlds or “planes” are as follows: Views Read Edit View history. What is clear in the light of the information as brought to us by some people source? This is an important point, as the power of the magician increases, so his ability to do harm — even unintentionally, increases. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Thus the more balanced, more evolved student has access to a more comprehensive reality. Where the akasha is in a sense the world of ideas, it is the mental plane that sets these ideas in motion. Initiation into Hermetics provides step-by-step instruction in the form of practical exercises. It is a modern study of direct contact with the universal teachers — the other major works in the field are products of the MedievalRenaissanceand Reformation periods.

This is only a fragment of a manuscript Bardon was working on but never completed.