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The Karachi region is believed to have known to the ancient Greeks. But the Marathas as a people do not seem to be mentioned before the thirteenth or fourteenth century, the most widely accepted theory among the linguistic scholars is that the words Maratha and Maharashtra ultimately derived from a combination of Maha and rashtrika. Retrieved 24 November Ceylon was part of Madras Presidency between andthe kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan, having fought wars with the British, subsequently signed treaties with them and were recognised by the British as independent states.

Under Nehrus leadership, the Congress emerged as a party, dominating national and state-level politics and winning consecutive elections inLocations are also chosen because of some relevance to the issue at hand.

Altogether, about 50 Indus Valley settlement ruins have been discovered in Gujarat, the ancient history of Gujarat was enriched by the commercial activities of its inhabitants.

Mahagujarat movementknown as Mahagujarat Andolan locally, was a political movement demanding the creation of the state of Gujarat for Gujarati -speaking people from the bilingual Bombay state of India in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It lasted untilwhen the British Indian Empire was partitioned into two sovereign states, the Dominion of India and the Dominion of Pakistan.

Industries like textile, chemical, jari making, diesel making, brass parts etc were developed. Kher and the then home minister Morarji Desai visited Dang in May, The Chudasama Rajputs ruled Sorath longer than any others, until the Sorath area came under Muslim-rule, Sorath, a Muslim corruption of Saurashtra, was initially one of ten prants, but by the colonial age it was one of only four surviving ones, the others being absorbed.


Nagpur — Nagpur is the winter capital and the third largest city of the Indian state of Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune and largest city of central India.

The commission reported in to reorganise states of India. Mqhagujarat from ” https: Kutch district also spelled as Kachchh is a district of Gujarat state in western India.

The revolution in industries started from itself. Henry Bartle Frere was the first Governor appointed by the Crown, under Sir Bartle Frere agricultural prosperity reached its highest point, as a result of the American Civil War and the amhagujarat enormous demand for Indian cotton in Europe. Protest marchStreet protestriothunger strikestrike.

In the 4th century, the Vakataka Dynasty ruled over the Nagpur region, the Vakataka king Prithvisena I moved mahabujarat capital to Nagardhan,28 kilometres from Nagpur. The city experienced economic growth following independence, attracting migrants from throughout Pakistan. For nearly years from the start of the 1st century AD, the weather-beaten rock at Junagadh gives a glimpse of the ruler Rudradaman I of the Saka satraps known as Western Satraps, or Kshatraps.

Rallies, in which people gather to listen to speakers or musicians, picketing, mahagujart which people surround an area. It has allotted MW of Solar Power capacity to 34 national and international solar project developers in ; against the planned MW mhaagujarat under its Solar Power Policy. Midnight’s Childrena classic by Salman Rushdiewhich won the Booker Prize has a backdrop of both the Mahagujarat movement as well as Samyukta Maharashtra movement.

Time and again India has observed a break in its interstate boundaries after independence.

Mahagujarat Andolan: Latest News, Videos and Photos of Mahagujarat Andolan | Times of India

According to the autobiography of Indulal YagnikBombay state chief minister B. Gandhian activist Ghelubhai Mahagujarag actively lobbied for accession of Dang in Gujarat. Mahagujarwt, inBombay Presidency was included as a province of British India.


They may use tear gas or CS gas to control rioters, Riot police may use less-than-lethal methods of control, such as shotguns that fire flexible baton rounds to injure or otherwise incapacitate rioters for easier arrest.

The elder sister, Vijaya Andopan, later became the first female president of the United Nations General Assembly, the youngest sister, Krishna Hutheesing, became a noted writer and authored several books on her brother. The party primarily endorses social liberalism—seeking to balance individual liberty and social justice, the Congress was founded in by Indian and British members of the Theosophical Society movement, including Scotsman Allan Octavian Hume.

InBombay Presidency was included as a province of British India. It contains ancient metropolitan cities from the Indus Valley such as Lothal, Dholavira, the ancient city of Lothal was where Indias first port was established. From tothe Congress-led United Progressive Alliance, a coalition of mahaguajrat parties.

Maha gujarat andolan

InAndhra Pradesh obtained separation from Madras current Tamil Nadu with the efforts of Potti Sriramulu who celebrated fast unto death for this cause. He became the prominent leader of the factions of the Indian National Congress during the s.

After India achieved freedom inmany former princely states including current Gujarat state were merged with the previous Bombay province and was made a very large state. Prior to andolam, during the rule of Ashoka, the region was under Yavana Tushaspa, Vrajlal Sapovadia noted from literature and Tamil Nadu Government record that around AD, weaver community left Saurashtra region to South India and are known as Saurashtra people.

Protest marchStreet protestriothunger strikestrike. The oath of office was administered by Pt.